Advanced Photoshop Workshop

Landscape & Site Plan
Floor Plan
Exploded Axonometric
Post Digital Collage
A live workshop for architects and designers to explore the skills needed to create visually compelling drawings. Learn step by step how to use Adobe Photoshop to create Clean & Minimal Plans, Post Digital Collages & Exploded Axonometric Drawings.

Dates: 30th September & 1st October 2023

Timings: 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM IST/ 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM BST

Workshop Breakdown:
Day 1:

Floor Plan Render

Site Plan & Landscape Render

Floor Plan Render

Colours & swatches

Advanced Use of Brushes

Day 2:

Post Digital Collage (3D from Sketchup)

Shadows from Sketchup

Textures in 3D visuals

Background & Foreground

Exploded Axonometric- Monochrome & Coloured

Early Bird Registration 15 % Discount (Live) : 2899 INR/ 40 USD ( ends on 20th September 2023)
Normal Registration (Live ): 3299 INR/ 45 USD
With Recordings Access: 6999 INR / 90 USD
Limited Slots only.
Live Workshop
Photoshop Library
Practice Files

Past Attendees Feedbacks

The course helped me immensely. It was exactly the right amount of new information, combined with a very patient teacher. She made it possible to walk away with a whole new skillset in just two days. Not only did this course teach me an invaluable workflow on illustrator but helped me to feel confident enough in the program to explore new tools in the future. Before the course, I never knew where to start. Well, this course is the perfect starting point!

By Lara Green (Germany)

Vishakha Tiwari, has been absolutely instrumental in my design journey. Her workshops have been incredibly helpful, providing me with invaluable knowledge and insights that have truly elevated my skills. I want to express my sincere appreciation for her dedication, expertise, and unwavering passion for design.

By Komal Bhatt (India)

I am delighted to express that all three workshops surpassed my expectations, leaving me genuinely inspired. Despite being conducted online, the interactive sessions proved highly effective, thanks to the exceptional instructor, Vishakha. Her patience and insistence on personal introductions created a comfortable and engaging learning environment, avoiding the detachment often associated with virtual instruction.

By Kamalanandhini Kartheekeyan (Dubai, UAE)

Participating in the design software workshop was a transformative journey. Guided by an exceptional instructor, I immersed myself in a world of creativity. The hands-on exercises and collaborative spirit fostered an environment where I honed my skills while forging connections with fellow enthusiasts. This workshop not only equipped me with essential design software prowess but also kindled a deeper passion for design.

By Kim Daniels (Germany)