Rhino & Grasshopper Kick off Workshop

Rhino Modelling
Pseudo Code Method
Grasshopper Script
Rhino Output
A voxel home based on the “Dune House” concept by Vancouver-based architect Amey Kandalgaonkar
In this course you will learn how to model a specific building using Rhino and grasshopper. Geometric concepts, steps and algorithms will be explained in detail and a documentation of the workflow will be provided to participants at the end.

Dates: 15th & 16th July 2023

Time: 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM BST/ 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM IST

Workshop Breakdown:
Day 1:

Basic Rhino Introduction

Basic Rhino geometry concepts.

Build Rhino version of output.

Basic Grasshopper Concepts

Pseudocode Overview


Day 2:

Pseudocode overview

Grasshopper script (methods 1 and 2) walkthrough


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Practice Files
About the Instructor:
Aswhin Abraham
Ashwin is a computational designer with an M Arch from the Architectural Association (AA) in London. The masters program involved interrogating new synergies of architecture and ecology through the critical intersection of computational design and fabrication. Projects are pursued by multiple iterations through hypothesis, material and computational experimentation, robotic fabrication, and evaluation. A key outcome was the Re-Emerge pavilion constructed out of steam bent waste wood in collaboration with Hassell Studio.
Since graduation he has worked at Mamou – Mani Architects, Gensler and KOPE AI on projects of various scales from parametric curved wooden interior false ceilings, computational plugins for grasshopper to generative design for city masterplans.