1. Advanced Photoshop & Post Production Workshop

The workshop will offer advanced techniques of using photoshop for the advantage to create unique internationally accepted graphics for drawings. This will help the attendees to generate the drawings which cater to convey intangible qualities and character of the space.

2. Adobe InDesign Workshop

Adobe InDesign is a software designed to create documents, templates for portfolio compilation, resume, and visual composition of architectural presentation boards etc. The software allows to simplify the compilation of projects and exports high-quality pdf in small file size. The workshop also aims to use InDesign tools to produce architectural diagrams and templates for portfolio and resume.

3. Interactive Adobe Illustrator Workshop for Architects & Designers

Adobe illustrator is the best tool to represent the trail of thoughts in eye-catching graphics. The workshop aims to

4. Portfolio Mentorship Workshop

A series of Workshops, tutorials & ongoing reviews to enhance graphic representations and create a minimal yet effective Portfolio.