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Visual Communication Graphics

2D Drawing Renders
Clear communicationFast turnaround times Cost-effective solution
3D Concept Graphics
Spark early engagementRefine design concepts visuallyExplore alternative design directions
Urban Design Graphics
Facilitate stakeholder communicationVisualize the overall impact on the surrounding environment


Floor Plans
SIte Plans
Massing Diagrams
Urban Graphics
Parti Diagrams

What our attendees say

This workshop for me was quite helpful for upgrading my skills in a better manner.I learned some new techniques and also some of my doubts from a long time were cleared in a very simple way as an example masking tool which I used to find difficult was so easy to use I found it in this workshop. I definitely loved the workshop and will look forward to using these techniques.

Siddhi Javeri

This workshop has been among the most useful ones I’ve ever attended. I’ve been using Photoshop for a while, but I’ve never been shown how to effectively utilize it for architectural representations and diagrams. I believe the workshop’s learning speed was excellent because I could easily follow along. I value being able to interact and ask questions that would promptly receive an answer. Finally, I want to express how grateful I am that a library has been made available to us, as many people struggle to locate the right items to import in high quality. Thank you!

Nisrine Habib

Vishakha Tiwari is an exceptional tutor. Not only did she teach her way but I also learnt how important the quality of work is for architecture presentations. Even as a beginner I was able to learn a lot that I hope to apply in my upcoming presentations. Thank you so much.

Kabahinda Arinda Angel
United Kingdom

Very happy to be part of this beautiful workshop and the way q&a we’re approached at the very time. I learned something that is quite useful for my skills to improve. Many more thanks to Ar. Vishaka ma’am for making it and would appreciate her efforts 🙂


I am fairly new to photoshop and have never used it for rendering plans, etc. Coming into the workshop, I was very nervous as it was more for ones who are advanced using Photoshop. However, by taking notes and thoroughly following all instructions/feedback provided, I was able to create all the practice files with ease. I was really shocked that I was able to do this. No doubt, the workshop was an amazing help and was engaging the whole time. I am looking forward to applying my new skills during school and for my portfolio!

Carissa Perrella
Architecture Student,Canada

I am so happy that I came across Vishakha’s Workshops! You do learn a SPECIFIC WORKFLOW to photoshop your plans, to make collages and to transform a simple render to a beautiful illustration step by step without having to watch 100 youtube tutorials and still be frustrated! Also the resources were essential for me.. loved the brushes and all the various ways they can be used. Vishakha also helped me to improve my color aesthetic with her illustrator and photoshop workshops.

Georgia Chlepa

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