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Build your Adobe Illustrator skills for impactful diagrams!

This beginner-friendly course equips you with the essential tools to turn your 2D & 3D drawings into clear and captivating diagrams. Master the basics and take your visual communication to the next level in just 6 hours.

Master the Fundamentals
Level Up Your Skills
Crafting Impactful Visuals

Course Overview

Chapter 1:

  • Basics of Illustrator tools
  • Pen Tool & Tracing
  • Image Tracing
  • Patterns & Effects
  • Create a Zoning Diagram
  • Pie Charts & Infographics

Chapter 2:

  • Importing Massing Diagram from Sketchup
  • Cleaning & editing 3D in Illustrator
  • 3D effects of text & objects
  • Adding information layers (Sun path, wind movement, etc)
  • Adding Shadows

Chapter 3:

  • Importing detailed axonometric with shadows
  • Adding patterns, humans & trees on the diagram
  • Adding annotations & icons
  • Exploring different styles

Final outputs of Masterclass

Zoning Diagram
Learn all basic to intermediate tools to get you started on Adobe Illustrator
Massing Diagram
Create sequence diagrams which convey the design concepts effectively with minimal graphics
Axonometric Diagram
Improve your workflow for more complex 3D drawings with elements like shadows, humans & annotations

What you’ll get

Lifetime Access

This course offers unlimited access and allows you to revisit lessons, empowering you to learn effectively even with a busy schedule.

Learn at your own pace

This adaptable course lets you set your own pace and personalize your experience to maximize your learning.


Get instant access to a comprehensive graphic toolkit with over 170 elements, minimal vector resources, and links to create stunning and impactful diagrams.

Learn by Doing

Our course includes practice files that allow you to experiment with techniques in real time. This hands-on approach lets you refine your diagrams as you learn.

Efficient Workflow

This course equips you with efficient workflows for crafting high-quality 2D & 3D diagrams, saving you valuable time.

Get recognized for your effort

This course encourages active learning with exercises and feedback. Your efforts are recognized with a participation certificate that can enhance your online presence.

This course is perfect for you, if:

You are an absolute beginner at Adobe Illustrator and want to invest time in learning basics to intermediate skills. You want to create clean & impactful graphics for your concepts. You are looking to bridge the gap between your ideas & tools to convey them.You desire to streamline your workflow and use Adobe Illustrator efficiently.

By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped to:

Visually communicate your process 2D or 3D into clean diagrams. Transform your 2D & 3D drawings into compelling visuals. Master techniques to create diverse styles of drawings on Adobe Illustrator.
Seamlessly integrate your work from other programs like SketchUp into Adobe Illustrator. Choose between vibrant color or sophisticated monochrome styles to perfectly match your project’s needs. Export High quality images with low sizes & optimising drawings for Portfolio content.


Vector Minimal Tree Pack
Comprehensive Graphic Toolkit with 170+ elements
Line style Vector Trees Pack

What Participants say


The workshop’s structure and Vishakha’s patient guidance fostered a supportive learning environment. The breakdown of complex concepts into manageable steps allowed me to approach the software with a newfound sense of confidence. I particularly appreciated the focus on learning basic tools followed by working through practice exercises. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a well-organized and encouraging workshop!

Ade Vilza
Architecture Student, Indonesia

Fantastic learning experience! It was incredibly interactive, and the way she kept us engaged and ensured we were following along was awesome. I picked up a ton of valuable insights and tricks about the software. Illustrator used to seem quite intimidating, but after this workshop, I can confidently say I’m no longer a beginner on this journey. Thank you Vishakha!!

Reema G Nair

Was a bit nervous before the workshop as I had no prior knowledge of Illustrator but the workshop was easy to follow along and interactive to help cement the learning. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it very helpful. I’m excited to use my new skills in my Master’s degree! Thank you!

Ellie Booker,
United Kingdom

Thank you so much for the informative and detailed workshop. Honestly, I’ve been trying to teach myself the software. But, every time I lost interest as the interface kinda seemed intimidating. Whereas, after attending the workshop I’ve got the confidence to recreate the “pinterest inspos” to enhance my presentation skills. Again, thank you so much!

Suzanne Alphonse

That were 9 valuable hours! Vishakha made clear the steps we could follow to make harmonious illustrations and diagrams. I feel I know now a method without getting overwhelmed with illustrator. I really appreciated the structure of the workshop – I got to familiarize with the essential tools but in a meaningful way. I would love to join the next Photoshop Workshop! Thank you for all your effort! See you in your next workshops!

Georgia Chlepa

It’s was an amazing session.Thank you so much for patiently answering all our questions and giving us feedbacks time to time. Didn’t feel like an online workshop at all. Looking forward to more of your sessions.I have been struggling to learn illustrator …and didn’t expect to learn all the required knowledge in just 2 sessions. Also thank you so much for stretching the meeting just to finish everything that needed to be taught.

Workshop Outputs

Previous Students’ Work

Shirlyn Mae
Maria Vivanco
Suzanne Alphonse
Ana Huerta
Ade Vilza Nadhila
Enna Mehta


What level of Adobe Illustrator proficiency is required to attend this course?

You can be a complete beginner at Illustrator, as the course will cover all basic tools to create the diagrams. This course is designed to enhance existing skills and provide advanced techniques specifically tailored for architects, urban designers, and interior designers.

What are the materials provided with the course?

You will receive all practice files to work in parallel with the course. Along with it, you will receive supplements like Graphic Toolkit & Tree Bundle used in the course and carefully crafted useful links & resources are provided as a part of the course.

Will this course cover techniques for creating 3D models from scratch in Illustrator?

While this course will focus on enhancing architectural drawings using Illustrator, it will not cover the creation of 3D models from scratch. However, participants will learn how to integrate PDF generated from software like SketchUp as a base model to work on 3D diagrams in illustrator.

Will I receive a Certificate after I finish the course?

Certainly! Upon completion of the course and submission of your coursework and feedback, you will be issued a Participation Certificate. It can be utilised to enhance your profile and curriculum vitae (CV).

Will the course cover techniques for exporting and presenting diagrams & graphics?

Yes, participants will learn various techniques for exporting their work from illustrator and presenting it effectively. This includes optimising files for different platforms, creating presentations, and showcasing their work in both digital and print formats.

Any other question?

Sure – email us at or feel free to message us on Instagram with more questions at @architecture_candy.