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It was a very enriching experience to learn from a very knowleadgeable person that explains not only how tools work but lets you understand the different options you have to get to a similar result. The workshop was capable of guiding a complete beginner like me to produce unexpected results. Furthermore, everything from the organsiational side (information, logistics, availability) was perfect.

Francesca Sofia Rizzo

Thank you so much for the informative and detailed workshop. Honestly, I’ve been trying to teach myself the software. But, everytime I lost interest as the interface kinda seemed intimidating. Whereas, after attending the workshop I’ve got the confidence to recreate the “pinterest inspos” to enhance my presentation skills.Again, thank you so much!

Suzanne Alphonse

Very helpful 10/10! I learned a lot from this workshop. I am able to utilize different tools and techniques to aesthetically present my drawings. Thanks to this, I was able to familiarize myself more with the interface and tools to further improve my presentations.

Sarah Jasmine Alcantara

I am so glad I took this workshop. Illustrator was a completely new software for me, and I didn’t think it would take me just 10 hours to master it! The more I work, the better it’s going to get, but I am quite happy with the current stage I am at with the progress. Thank you, Architecture Candy for such a smooth workshop.

Sharmishtha Sikarwar

Very good feedback both on graphics, lineweights, colours and style etc. an epic amount of content covered, and perfectly suited for urban design and masterplanning. Could not find anything like this in Australia, so glad I found you on Pinterest. All the resources are well put together and clear, and really enjoyeable flow of the sessions and teaching method. Also appreciated the contact the day before, setting up the Whatsapp group with others, very professional level of support.

Eric Denholm
At Architecture Candy

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